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If you understand English here is your opportunity to practice it by listening to one of the great men of God of our generation and help your site ConnaitreLaBible.org at the same time! This a book...... plus d'infos


Becca's Window
Promises Kept: Becca's Window is a gentle story about a Christian family who, when questioned about life-after-death by their teenage daughter, begins a life changing study of God's plan for the...... plus d'infos


Can God Tell Time?
Bible writers and Jesus repeatedly said the second coming of Christ was to occur in the first century. Skeptics say he failed and that the Bible is not inspired. This booklet shows that time...... plus d'infos


Even the Demons Believe
"You believe there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe--and shudder." (James 2:19) Every church has its own method for getting to heaven, so how can a person know the true way to...... plus d'infos


Expecting the Lord's Blessing
"The work is not built upon our abilities, nor is it built upon our gifts, faithfulness, or labour.  If we miss God's blessing, everything is finished." Watchman Nee became a Christian in...... plus d'infos
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He CAME As A Thief!
Copyright 2008, by Don K. Preston 32 pages ISBN : 978-0-9799337-3-8 In this important work, prlific author Don K. Preston proves that the traditional arguments about Jesus' Thief Coming are not based...... plus d'infos


Insanity In The Church
This book takes a clear look at some of the specific insanity that can be found in the church today. Unlike most other books of this type, it doesn't just focus in on the easy targets or concentrate...... plus d'infos


Israel: 1948 Countdown to Nowhere
by Don K. Preston This 48 page book is a devastating critique of modern dispensationalism, and the claim that the restoration of Israel in 1948 was the fulfillment of prophecy. Noted prophecy...... plus d'infos


No Lasting Home
It is summer, 1940. As Hitler's armies turn mainland Europe into a mass graveyard, his feared Luftwaffe rain bombs on England. Meanwhile, amid the gree hills of the Cotsworlds, a nest of "enemy...... plus d'infos


Stong in the Day of Battle
The following messages on spiritual warfare have been gathered together from the original, unabridged writings of T. Austin-Sparks, and from others who shared in the magazine, "A Witness And A...... plus d'infos


The Christian Family
The bestselling book on Christian family living from Larry Christenson, an ordained Lutheran minister, bestselling author, and popular speaker.  He and his wife travel extensively, speaking at...... plus d'infos


The Disciple-Making Minister
David Servant has been ministering to Christian leaders in conferences around the world for over two decades.  From his experience of speaking to tens of thousands of pastors in over forty countries,...... plus d'infos


The Great Falling Away Today
Occasionally, God will send a meteor blazing across our paths, and for many people, Milton Green was exactly that.  Milton was just an humble carpet cleaner when, in the early 1980s, God raised...... plus d'infos


Who Is Your Covering?
A Fresh Look at Leadership, Authority, and Accountability Most believers probably already suspect that all is not well in Zion, but they are slow to question the status quo. After all, who wants to...... plus d'infos